ARTWHIRL:Maidens of the Magic Academy

Artwhirl -Maidens of the Magic Academy-

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Game Introduction

You are a teacher at a magic academy, and you have to strengthen your bond with your students and colleagues to defeat powerful demons in this fantasy RPG.

The battles are simple, but the combination of heroine selection, equipment, and dress changes make for a deep experience.
The game can be played at up to 10x speed, which makes it very comfortable to play.

Equipment Creation
Each time you create equipment, you'll get something with a different performance. Aim to create the strongest equipment you can!

Illustration Panels
When you draw a gacha, a variety of illustration panels appear. Combine them to decorate your home screen.
Of course, you can also go to other users and "like" them.

Key Game Features

RPG where you become a teacher and teach and guide the heroines

Artwhirl -Maidens of the Magic Academy-

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    System Requirements

    [Supported Devices]
    Android 9.0 or newer
    *The game may not run properly on tablet devices.
    *Devices not supported are not guaranteed to run properly.

    Update Information

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    minSdkVersion 24
    targetSdkVersion 30
    versionCode 12
    versionName "1.0"

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      Artwhirl -Maidens of the Magic Academy-