UNITIA Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End

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Game Introduction

【Important Notice】
Thank you very much for playing UNITIA.
We are Digital Entertainment, the publisher of UNITIA global version.

We regret to inform you that the game service will end at 7 PM on 25/01/2022 (PST) due to the situation of "Viewer Technology Inc", the operating company of UNITIA global version.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our users.
We hope you will continue to enjoy UNITIA until the end of the service.

Please note that the publishers/copyright holders/developers/operators of the Japanese version of UNITIA (Techcross Inc. and EXNOA) are not involved in this matter.
We ask that you refrain from contacting the respective companies.

We are sincerely sorry again for the trouble, and thank you for your love for UNITIA global version.

■ Synopsis
One day, two seperate worlds collided, and the Cross World was born.
The Player, Ruine and Makhia, who all live in the new world, find themselves cornered by unknown enemies.
They are saved by a girl called Terra, who is able to use the enigmatic power called "Oracle".
The Rainbow Survey Team sets off on an adventure to unveil the mysteries of the world!

Key Game Features

■ Exquisite Illustrations
Quality illustrations of characters, background and items!
Have fun in the glorious world of UNITIA!

■ Engage in Real-time Battles with dazzling skills and smart strategies!
Watch the stunning skill animations that intensify the battle!
Use the reserve function to launch your skills at the right time.
With the help of "Oracle Assit" from the mysterious girl Terra, you can take full advantage of the battle progress and decide the outcome!

■ Enhance characters to rise to the top!
All characters can be evolved to 7 Stars!
Develop your favorite characters to strike down rivals and powerful enemies!

UNITIA Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End thumbnail
UNITIA Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End thumbnail

UNITIA Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End

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    System Requirements

    ■Recommended OS version
    ・Android 5.0 or above version

    ※Software operation on devices other than the recommended OS version is not guaranteed.
    ※The software may not be able to run on certain terminals.
    ※Please try deleting cache data if a problem occurs.
    ※Please contact your mobile-phone operators or vendors for questions on how to check the current OS version or how to update the OS version.

    We may change the system requirement conditions in the future in accordance with actual demand.
    We are terribly sorry for the trouble we may cause, and hope that you can understand and support us.

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      September 15, 2021
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      UNITIA Angel of the Oracle X Goddess of the End