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Eliza’s Orb-Spouting Clam event

04/23/2021 02:45AM

Thank you for playing Magicami.
The game has been updated as follows.

- Eliza’s Orb-Spouting Clam event(~4/30 9:59 PM (EDT))
- Magi Fest gacha (~5/1 9:59 PM (EDT))
- New special jewel packs are available! (~4/25 9:59 PM (EDT)!)
- The UNTIL UR gacha is back! (~4/30 9:59 PM (EDT))
- The Get Orbs! (~4/30 9:59 PM (EST))
- A new orb pack is available in the shop! (~4/30 9:59 PM (EST))

Thank you all for a great half year!

Thank you for your continued support of Magicami!

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