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Onsen Nymphs Update

11/02/2020 05:03AM

Thank you for playing Magicami.
The game has been updated as follows.

-Sabbath Mileage jewel packs added to the shop (Ends 11/25 9:59 PM EST)
-Eliza's Orb-Spouting Clam event added (Ends 11/9 9:59 PM EST)
-New challenge quest added: Chicken Brigade
-New Sabbath Arena missions added (Ends 11/9 9:59 PM EST)
-Iko's birthday countdown (Ends 11/6 11:59 PM EST) and birthday celebration (11/6) added
-Premium gacha pool updated
-Onsen Nymphs gacha added

The following dresses are featured in the Onsen Nymphs gacha.

-Onsen Nymph Eliza (UR)
-Onsen Nymph Aka (UR)
-Onsen Nymph Iko (SR)
-Onsen Nymph Cocoa (SR)
-Onsen Nymph Akisa (SR)

Thank you for your continued support of Magicami!

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