Mist Train Girls
New Event: Snow and Ice Neverland

11/01/2021 01:54PM

Hello, Conductors!
Thank you for playing Mist Train Girls.

The following are the details of the Ver. 1.2.0 update that was implemented on Nov. 1, 2021.


■New Implementations
[Treasure Event "Snow and Ice Neverland"]
 The limited time event "Snow and Ice Neverland" begins.

Event Period: 11/1 5:00AM ~ 11/10 11:59PM(UTC)
 *For more information, please see the event-specific announcement.

[New Layer PickUp Gacha "Snow and Ice Neverland"]
A new layer PickUp Gacha "Snow and Ice Neverland" is available.

Event Period: 11/1 5:00AM ~ 11/14 11:59PM(UTC)
 *For more details, please see the notice dedicated to the gacha.

We hope you continue to enjoy Mist Train Girls.

Mist Train Girls Development Team
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