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Versus Tales

  • 10/20 Maintenance Complete

    10/20/2020 02:55AM

    Thank you for playing Versus Tales.
    Maintenance has been completed.

    [New Events]
    ・Map Event Otogi Halloween 2020 ~ A Moment of Alliance in Hades ~
    ・Special Training!! Kappa Famous Training

    [New Gacha]
    ・New Character Gacha
    Unison Event Update
    ・The ongoing event "Now, remove the mask and rescue Christine!" unison quests has been rebalanced to deal more appropriate damage to the unison boss.
    ・To compensate users, 10 AP & BP potions and 200 Star Gems have been sent to all users. The event period has also been extended.
    ・Event Period: 2020/10/27 → 2020/10/31, Claiming Period: 2020/10/30 → 2020/11/03
    ・Minor bug fixes.
    We'll be seeing you in Versus Tales!
    From the Versus Tales Development Team

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