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Artwhirl -Maidens of the Magic Academy RELEASED ON JOHREN

Johren announced the release of Artwhirl -Maidens of the Magic Academy, available on both PC and Android devices, on 22nd March 2022.

The strongest existence that ended the 100 yeard long war with the demons.
That was you,the 'Hero of the Great War'.
But in a world of peace,Hero's poer is seen as dangerous,and he is forced to take a teaching position at 'Artwhirl Magic Academy'
Maidens with magical talents from all over the world gather there.
The pinnacle of magical research.
This is the ultimate study house that rises in the center of the world.
A new story of a hero of the Great War.
It is the days of nurturing and interaction in the Magicalmaiden's Garden.

~Cute heroines
Love,friendship,and youth.... to a refreshing conclusion!

~Story Features
Each heroine has a voluminous story to tell. An adolescent romantic comedy unfolds in the magic academy.

~Battle Features
Enjoy the story by defeating enemies in auto battle up to 10 times faster!

Mainstream PC Version
Mainstream Android Version