A Beginner’s Guide to the charming and entertaining SRPG "LegeClo~Legend Clover~"

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Developed by Techcross inc., the developer of such classic titles as Kamihime Project and Ayakashi Rumble, and published by DMM GAMES, the English version of the strategy RPG LegeClo~Legend Clover~ has finally arrived on the Johren platform! We've been really looking forward to it! It's a strategy-focused game that's a far cry from traditional turn-based RPGs, but what's even more surprising is that the game actually has guys!? Super shocking~! This gameplay report will be a whole new experience. Players who are still thinking about whether or not to play, follow our game correspondent to check out the basic gameplay of LegeClo! Let's go!


LegeClo's Back Story

A thousand years ago, the world was on the brink of destruction by evil monsters called Abyss, but fortunately, the Moon Gods reincarnated legendary powerhouses that surpassed humanity and finally sealed the Abyss. .

A thousand years later, the peaceful world is once again in danger. The sealed Abyss Realm begins to appear, and the villages where people live are attacked one after another. At such a time, a young man living in Windmill Village in a corner of the world actually succeeds in summoning Jeanne d'Arc by skillfully using his father's relics, and from this moment, the wheels of fate begin to turn and his destiny undergoes changes that shake the earth.

This is the story of Jeanne d'Arc, the girl of destiny who will guide us and make us heroes. In addition to Jeanne d'Arc, more heroes will be summoned to join us on our journey to explore the vast world and destroy the monster Abyss!


Battle and Formation

(1) Symbols

Characters in LegeClo are divided into three Symbols: Zenith, Origin, and Nadia. Some characters have Symbol skills that give powerful buffs to characters in their symbol. You can team up with characters from different symbols, but you can create a more powerful team by forming your Symbol with your faction in mind.


LegeClo does not have a formation page like most games, and the characters that can participate in battle vary depending on the stage setting. Typically, five “Main Battle Characters” can be placed on the field, and each Main Battle Character can "link" with a "Support Character" to form a group, controlling the actions of the group for each round. Of course, the game also has an auto-forming feature, but new players are advised to unlink previously linked characters if they wish to use the auto-forming feature based on their level of combat power. Doing so will automatically form the most powerful team!

Only those that can go into battle can be organized

Only those that can go into battle can be organized


(3) Combat Styles

LegeClo is a very classic simulation strategy RPG game and is the strategy style battles that players are used to. When fighting, you can basically move first, depending on how far your character can move, and once you reach a fixed point, you can use your skills and basics to attack enemies as long as they are within range to attack you. If there are no enemies, you can choose to "wait" and the round ends when all teams have completed their actions.

If you use your main character's skill on the spot without moving, you are not considered to have moved that turn, but if you use your support character's skill first, you can still move and attack that turn!

The blue part is the movable range

The blue part is the movable range


The yellow area is the attack range

The yellow area is the attack range

Besides losing the game due to total annihilation, the game also has so-called "conditions of defeat", for example, if your character loses in combat or reaches the maximum number of rounds, you will fail. You need to pay more attention when playing stages!

(4) Occupation and Compatibility

The game does not have attributes such as water, fire, or wood, but it does have an "occupation" setting. There are eight different professions: Soldier, Lancer, Rider, Shooter, Aerial, Sorcerer, Saint, and Assassin. Each occupation has its own characteristics, but special attention should be paid to them. Soldier are strong against Lancer (and defeated by Riders), Lancer are strong against Riders (and defeated by other Lancer), and besides this, Aerials are not affected by terrain, but Shooters are. Saints, Sorcerers, Shooters and Assassins have no weak attributes.

(5) Equipment

Each main battle character can equip four types of equipment: Weapon, Helmet, Armor, and Accessories. Equipment cannot be set on the Formation Page before battle, so remember to set each character's equipment on the Character Page before you play! For Support characters, you can equip an amulet, but it will only open after you reach Master Class Level 1.

Main Battle Character Equipment Page

Main Battle Character Equipment Page


LegeClo’s First Gacha and Recommended Characters

That's the basic gameplay, and then the most exciting part is the ~~~~ gacha! You can pull both main battle characters and support characters in the gacha, but for beginners, the main battle characters are much more practical than the support characters, so I have 4 recommended characters for the first gacha. The main battle characters are good for beginners to start the game, and the deeper and deeper you play, the more useful characters you will find later on.

(1) Marie Antoinette

Origin symbol, Saint. The most important character in any game is the Nurse! In LegeClo, a good healer can be the deciding factor in whether or not you can conquer a stage. Marie not only replenishes blood, but also has many other functions, such as increasing damage and defense, so I recommend beginners to start with her!

Marie Antoinette

(2) Nightingale

Zenith Symbol, Priestess. Like Marie, she is a very useful healer (one has big boobs and the other is more cute. You can choose any girl you like >////<), and she has a skill that allows team members to move a second time. Very practical!!! Basically, if you pull either Marie or Nightingale, the game can really start!


(3) Lu Bu

Nadia Symbol, Aerial. Lu Bu is one of the very useful characters in the early game, with a talent for second moves that equates to being able to move long distances as well as attack twice in one round.

Lu Bu

(4) Cu Chulainn

Nadia Symbol, Lancer. The only SSR tank in the Nadia Symbol, in addition to the tank's essential defense and damage reduction, she can also protect allies from attacks, which is a big help when you don't have many SSRs in the early game! She also has the talent to heal blood every round, and is basically a very useful character in the early game, except watch out for the heavy damage she sustains when she gets hit by a Soldier.

Cu Chulainn

These are the SSR characters i think would be very good to start the game with! Of course, playing the game is no different from choosing a wife XD. Of course, you can also decide whether to start the game or not based on looks, but of course, the smoother the game is, the better. Hence, I suggest you prioritize these strong characters!


Basic Reinforcement Procedures

Let's move on to the reinforcement section! Players will definitely feel some discomfort during the course of the game. Why did my character's level reach the maximum at once? What the hell is going on? The reason for this is that the character's level limit is determined by the player's level, for example, if the player is currently level 10, the character's maximum level is only level 10! Therefore, it is of utmost importance to do your best to improve your player level. Now, let's take a look at each of the basic reinforcements of LegeClo!

(1) Level Up

LegeClo's character level can go up when you gain experience in battle. The speed is acceptable at first, but gradually slows down and you can't keep up with the intensity of the levels. At this point, you'll need "experience materials" to enhance characters, and experience enhancement gadgets can be found in the main stage. You can also get a large amount of experience materials in the SP stage "Road to Strength".

Enhance your character level with experience materials

Enhance your character level with experience materials

(2) Enhance Board

In addition to experience enhancements that can increase your character's strength, there is also and “Enhance Board" that can improve your character's ability score and allow you to gain more skills. The items in the Enhance Board include Strengthening Stones and Orbs. In addition to participating in the event exchange, you can also get many power-up panel items from the "Sub Quest", but there is a limit to the number of times you can play per day. Still, they are very strong, so it is recommended to play them several times each day. It is also recommended to start investing in SSR characters in search of valuable Strengthening Stones that won't waste resources.

The Enhancement Panel gives you practical skills

The Enhancement Board gives you practical skills


(3) Increased Affection

In LegeClo, you have to give a "Gift" to your character to increase their affection (very realistic...), and novice players may not be able to find where your character's affection has improved instead of where they have been enhanced. Instead, you must go to 'Story' and select 'Character Story' to send a gift . Gadgets for increasing affection are cakes available from "Comical Cakes" at SP Quest. The higher the affection, the more important it is to release character stories in addition to increasing ability scores! Haha, if you're playing the R18 version, you'll get a super~~ super awesome picture >///<, and all the dynamic CG with voice is really great~~~. Also, if you raise your character's affection to 10 or more and clear chapter 27 of the main story, you can clear your character's quest, and you'll get a fragment of your character in it, which will be a great help to strengthen for the next time!

Send a cake to increase affection

Send a cake to increase affection


(4) Limit Break

When you draw a duplicate character, it will be converted into "character fragments" and you can collect a certain amount of character pieces to perform a "Limit Break" which means a star promotion. All characters can be raised to six stars. Of course, pieces of SSR and SR characters are hard to get, so it's important to work hard and raise your character's affection. There are quests where you can get fixed character fragments, so don't forget to play every day.

You can greatly increase your character's ability score using Limit Break

You can greatly increase your character's ability score using Limit Break


(5) Enhancing Equipment

Enhancing basic equipment is divided into three parts: Level Enhancing, Limit Break, and Enchanting. The Level Enhancing is done using the Enhance Mallet, which can be obtained from multiple levels, including the main quest. It can be obtained from the main quest and the sub quest. For Limit Break, you need to upgrade your equipment to full level and it is not advisable to spend too much on the same equipment and materials before getting better equipment. Finally, there is Enchanting. Enchanting can bring random ability scores to your equipment. As long as you have enough materials, you can update until you are satisfied. The materials needed for enchanting can be obtained from the "4 Great Evil Gods" at SP Quest, but it's not that easy, so beginners should try leveling up a bit before going in and playing!

Equipment Enhancement Page

Equipment Enhancement Page


Of course, in addition to the above methods, there are several other ways to further improve your team's abilities in the game, such as "Class Upgrade" and "Book of Memories", but these must be unlocked by advancing through the main quest. If you're a beginner, start by practicing the above 5 enhancement methods and experience the joy of growth from the very beginning of the game!


Beginner's Q&A

This concludes the general beginner's introduction to LegeClo. After this, it's up to you to start your own adventure. Of course, at the end, I didn’t forget to organize some useful knowledge and tips for players so that they can travel the world with beautiful girls without hitting any walls in the early stages of exploration.

1) Why are there so few magic jewels?

You can get magic jewels by clearing stages, and you can also get them by reading character stories! Furthermore, if you find a treasure chest in a stage, don't forget to open it because magic jewels appear frequently (Auto-battles don't open treasure chests.)! Sometimes a bonus monster will appear at the end, so if you have enough energy, you can attack it and get a magic jewel!

2) How do I level my player up faster?

Because of the great abundance of player stats in the early stages of the game, it is actually quite easy to quickly upgrade a player's level. Therefore, you can make more use of the "cleanup" and "repeat" systems in some levels of the game. Especially in the event stages and substages, your level in the game can go up.

3) Why do I always get defeated?

Unlike most turn-based RPGs, LegeClo is very strategic and requires careful consideration of each step's tendencies, so blindly using "auto-battle" will usually result in a quick death…If you really want to use auto-battle, I suggest beginners use "semi-manual" instead! Especially on stages with small bosses, as soon as you feel the situation is against you, switch to manual and figure out your next strategy!

4) Should I complete the beginner's missions?

Of course you should clear them! And it should be a priority! Beginner missions are recommended for all players, because not only can you get a lot of magic stones, enhance materials, and equipment, but you can also get SSR Guaranteed Ticket if you clear 30 of them. It's the best gift, isn't it? The participation of SSR characters will greatly increase your combat power, so your first goal is to quickly complete the beginner's missions!

5) What should I do if I can't pull SSRs?

Besides the SSRs listed above, there are other basic characters out there that are good early resource investments! For example, the main character (whose name is your ID) can invest in some resources at the beginning. Because in the beginning, the main character is forced to participate in combat. If you can strengthen him a bit, he is less likely to be defeated XD. Of course, this is not necessary in later stages. Also, the R character, Gilles de Rais, doesn’t have a high rarity, but she has the skill teleportation, which moves a group of allies to any square in range, which is super useful for escaping or saving lives! So guys~, don't think that only SSR characters can play, as long as you understand the characteristics of each character, you can have all sorts of characters as part of your team!


In Conclusion

As a very new game, LegeClo is very engaging in terms of characters, plot, and drawing style (of course, the lack of full voice in the story is a small drawback XD), and the gameplay is very good compared to recent browser games. Players can control their character's next steps with their own guns and bullets instead of foolishly watching the character in front of the screen fight monsters after entering a stage, the game's difficulty isn't really low and you have to think properly to win. I'd recommend this to anyone who's tired of traditional turn-based RPGs, or just wants to try a new way to play! Finally, it's inevitable that we recommend the adult version of LegeClo X~ After all, sexy stuff could happen in the early stages. If you are already over 18, do not play the regular version! Play the R18 version immediately! It's really awesome, I really recommend it!

Play Legeclo for free!


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沉醉在搖晃的溫柔鄉吧《生死格鬥 沙灘排球 維納斯假期》試玩

還記得最初看到乳搖時的震撼嗎?不論是在PS、SS還是DC上,只要玩過這款遊戲,都會對他精緻的3D建模、活靈活現的人物動作震驚到,特別是女性角色的「晃動」,更是讓所有男性玩家喜好不已XD沒錯,這款遊戲就是大名鼎鼎的《DEAD OR ALIVE》,台灣一般稱為生死格鬥,簡稱DOA。除了經典的格鬥遊戲之外,生死格鬥也於2003年推出了《生死格鬥 極限沙灘排球》,大受歡迎後成為了新的系列。今天要試玩的遊戲,想到就覺得興奮XD就是DOA沙灘排球系列中的《DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation(生死格鬥 沙灘排球 維納斯假期)》,可以簡稱為DOAXVV!實在太令人期待啦~~~那就讓我們開始吧!!!喔喔喔喔! 生死格鬥簡介在開始玩遊戲之前,先為大家簡單介紹一下DOA吧!DOA首作其實並不是家用遊戲機,而是於1996年推出在大型電玩上,而後才移植到SS及PS上。儘 […]



○2023年03月31日 13:00 CST・終止營運經過營運團隊做各方面評估以後,忍痛做出這樣的決定,在此向各位愛護「水果超可愛!~創生大樹與水果少女~」的玩家致上最深的歉意。同時也感謝各位在眾多遊戲中,選擇了我們,營運團隊在此向各位玩家表示感謝之意。 台灣由於氣候及地理條件良好,能夠種植出大量品質優秀、賣相佳又好吃的水果,是人稱「水果王國」的寶島。本次要試玩的遊戲《水果超可愛!~創生大樹與水果少女~》(以下簡稱水果超可愛),就是以「水果」作為主題的本格派回合制RPG遊戲!不覺得太適合台灣人了嗎XD,我們所熟悉的各種水果們,都在遊戲做化身為水果美少女們登場,包括了蘋果、香蕉、奇異果、橘子、草莓...等等,遊戲不只水果少女們十分可愛動人,就臉選單、介面等都充斥著夢幻可愛的風格,非常吸引人眼球。雖然畫面上是屬於可愛的風格、但遊戲性可是毫不含糊,是非常王道的日系RPG作品,相信絕大部 […]



○2023年03月31日 12:00 CST・終止營運經過營運團隊做各方面評估以後,忍痛做出這樣的決定,在此向各位愛護「花之守護少女」的玩家致上最深的歉意。同時也感謝各位在眾多遊戲中,選擇了我們,營運團隊在此向各位玩家表示感謝之意。 這次要試玩的遊戲叫做《花之守護少女 Flower Knight Girl New chapter》(以下簡稱花之守護少女),是由Your Games開發、DMM.com所運營的美少女策略RPG遊戲,曾獲得人氣遊戲總選舉科幻遊戲部門優秀賞,在日本擁有非常高的人氣,從推特及P站上能夠看到大量的二創圖文就知道其受歡迎的程度了。本次我將帶領新加入玩家的了解花之守護少女的基本玩法及小技巧,不會有太多太深入的組隊分析、角色強弱分析等等老手才能理解的知識,畢竟深澀的內容對新手不夠友善嘛。那麼,就跟著我一起暢遊花世界吧! 花之守護少女的背景故事支撐著整個花 […]


【終止營運】與少女們攜手統一天下吧《戰國†戀姬ONLINE ~奧宴新史~》新手試玩心得

○2023年04月24日 12:00 ・終止營運經過營運團隊做各方面評估以後,忍痛做出這樣的決定,在此向各位愛護「戰國†戀姬ONLINE ~奧宴新史~」的玩家致上最深的歉意。同時也感謝各位在眾多遊戲中,選擇了我們,營運團隊在此向各位玩家表示感謝之意。 不知道大家是否跟我一樣,對於帶有「日本古代」或是「傳統日本」風格的遊戲都特別感興趣,從小時候玩的動作遊戲《天誅》、2D橫向的《朧村正》,到近期熱賣的《對馬戰鬼》及《隻狼》等等,每一款帶有濃濃日本風味的遊戲都讓我愛不釋手。除了帶日式風格的動作遊戲之外,酸酸甜甜的戀愛遊戲也是很多玩家喜愛的類型,今天要試玩的這款遊戲,不僅具有濃厚的日本傳統風味,還能與眾多美少女武將們來嘗甜蜜的戀愛,可說是摸蛤仔兼洗褲,兩個願望一次滿足,這款遊戲就是《戰國†戀姬ONLINE ~奧宴新史~》。目前日版的玩家數量已經超過了一百萬人,在在千呼萬喚之下終於在Joh […]