◆Johren 2nd Anniversary Celebration Campaign on now!

◆Johren 2nd Anniversary Celebration Campaign on now!
Free gifts for all participants!
Prizes for your login days!
Win $30 USD worth of game items, 10,000 free Credits and other awesome prizes!

▼How to participate▼
1. Click the [JOIN EVENT] button on the top of the campaign page.
2. Log in to the participating game titles during the campaign period.
3. Get your rewards based on the titles and days of logins.

▼Criteria & Rewards▼
1. Log into participating games for at least 1 day → get items in each game (worth $30 USD each)
2. Log in for 5 days → 100 free Credits to 1,000 lucky players
3. Log in for 15 days → 300 free Credits to 1,000 lucky players, x10 Part 1 Lottery Tickets
4. Log in for 25 days → 1,000 free Credits to 100 lucky players, a rare in-game item (worth $3 USD each), x10 Part 2 Lottery Tickets
5. Held every weekend(Friday to Sunday)! Play between Friday and Sunday for a chance to be one of 10 lucky players to win 10,000 free Credits!

Check out our event page for details!
Check it out here!

◆ Event period:
2022/8/1 3:00 - 9/5 3:00 UTC

◆Notice of completion of Credits distribution to Credits 200% Return Campaign winners

We have distributed free Johren Credits to players who have accomplished the reward criteria!
To claim your free Credits, click on the pull-down menu on your user name in the upper right corner of the top page, and click on the "Receiving Rewards" button.
Click on the "Claim" button for your reward before its expiration date (August 18th, 2022 at 14:59 UTC).
Thank you for participating in Johren's Credits 200% Return Campaign!

* Please note that there is an expiration date for acquiring the free Credits and for using them. The acquisition period is before 14:59 UTC on August 18th, 2022.
*The Credits given are free Credits. Free Credits expire 1 month (31 days) after claiming them on the Rewards page.
*Please note that if you miss the acquisition period, you will not receive your reward.
*Johren will not be able to answer inquiries regarding the statistics of this campaign.

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