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Johren VIP Beta

Credits Bonus Rate increases based on the amount of service you use!

*The Credits usage amount covers purchases of items in Johren’s Free-to-Play Games and purchases of Premium Games (using Credits and direct payment).

How Ranks are determined

Ranks are determined on the 25th of each month based on the amount of Credits used in the most recent month.

Rank Up

If you meet the amount of service usage for the rank up condition, you will be ranked higher!

Rank Keep

Once you move up a rank, you can keep it for less next time you use the Credits!

When you spend less

Just use more than 1 Credit and you will only drop 1 rank next time!

If you spend 0 Credits, you will be reset to Regular Rank.

If you are in the following rank

Period: 20th of each month to 19th of the following month

How to use your benefits

When you add Credits in the Credits Store, you will receive an increased Credits Bonus based on your rank.

Credits Bonus Rate

You will receive an increased Credits Bonus based on your rank.

Bonus for promotional campaigns will also be increased

Rank bonus is also available for promotions, which will earn you more Johren Credits.
Mouse over the bubble box (tap on it for smart phones) to confirm the details of the bonus.

How to check your rank

You can check your Johren VIP Rank information in Your My profile.


Current VIP Rank


Conditions for Rank Up and Rank Keep

The amount of Credits required to move up to a higher rank or to keep the current rank is displayed.
The number of Credits used during the period will be reflected.


Next Assumed VIP Rank

The rank up conditions have already been met, and the rank that will be applied next time will be displayed.


There is no data to be displayed.

Failed to acquire data.

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