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Bringing you the best original
Japanese games in your language.

About Us

At Johren, we take pride in bringing the best game contents to our players, and we’re dedicated to giving you the best experience every time you visit.

Director’s Message

Hey guys, this is the Johren Director.

Thanks for stopping by Johren! Our platform currently offers some of the best in free-to-play and premium gaming from Japan, both in English and Traditional Chinese. From working with magical girls to defeat demon forces in I am Magicami, to collecting fairy tale heroines and saving the world of Otogiland in Versus Tales, to getting lost in the jazzy detective-noir world of Meteor World Actor, we're sure you'll be able to find a game to your liking.

Our vision for the future of Johren is wide. We have many more awesome games on the horizon. We're looking to fill a gap in the current otaku gaming landscape outside of Japan, and we hope you'll join us on the ride!

Our platform brings exciting free-to-play and premium Japanese games to your home.
Johren releases new free-to-play game title(s) regularly and holds an extensive catalog of premium game titles, ensuring that our players are kept entertained and satisfied every time they visit.
The word “Johren”(常連) in Japanese means “regular customer”, and we hope our players feel at home while enjoying their time on Johren and visit regularly.

We’re always looking for more.
To continue our promise of bringing the best and most exciting contents to our players’ homes, we welcome game developers and publishers to join us in releasing original contents on our platform. Join us if you share the same passion in giving the best to our community!

Game Publishers and Developers

We welcome developers and publishers of games who would like to release their game(s) via Johren. Please contact us from the link below.

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