Legeclo: Legend Clover

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Game Introduction

Summon legendary beautiful girl heroes!
Go on an adventurous journey with beautiful girl heroes!
An epic royal road fantasy SRPG is here!
Command and fight together with heroes who have become beautiful girl characters!
Easy to use, full-fledged RPG! Strategy is limitless!
Powerful battles where one square can change the battle!
Easy to play with just a tap, but your strategy is limitless!
Organize a party of your favorite characters to face the evil demon Abyss!
Choose your character based on strength or cuteness!
Enjoy this easy yet realistic strategy simulation!
Unique, expressive, moving characters!
Expressive and unique characters!
All characters are beautifully illustrated with high quality and are just so cute and beautiful!
Summon beautiful heroines by using Magic Stones!
Set out on a journey to save the world with these unique characters!
Increase the affection for a more intimate relationship...
Deepen your bond with beautiful girl heroes!
A variety of training systems allow you to have a lot of fun!
You can also see exclusive character stories as you deepen your bond with them and raise their affection...?
Enjoy stories and tactics battles with many beautiful heroines!

Key Game Features

Journey to be a Hero with Heroes

Save the world from the crisis that is about to come again with the heroes called ""Legends"" who are legendary beings!

Heroes with rich personalities with beautiful illustrations!
Let's find your favorite heroine!

Enjoy deep combat with easy controls
that even beginners can enjoy!
Command your heroes and wave the flag of victory!
Your strategy is limitless! Each action will determine your destiny!

A full range of challenging elements!
Develop your favorite character with a variety of training elements!

Run around the vast world with your favorite girls!
Even that person you all know has become a beautiful girl...?
Now, let Jeanne, the girl of destiny, lead you to the story where you will become a hero!

Legeclo: Legend Clover

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