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Game Introduction


In Love Too Easily, the main character wakes up with only a partial memory of her night out with friends. Her hangover has left many memories blank, but she knows someone has kissed her! But who…?

Interact with the story by helping the main character make choices, complete tasks in the form of mini-games, and most importantly, find hints about the night out.

Just when the main character, Yeonwoo, is getting tired of ambiguous flirts and lukewarm romances, she finds herself waking up to a romantic mystery, the memory of a kiss, but not much more. Who was it, and what else happened last night?

The kiss was good, and Yeonwoo is feeling love-stuck. The problem is that she doesn't know who she kissed. She’s itching to figure it out.

Meet up with the three guys from the night before to get clues.
The romance outcome of Yeonwoo depends on your choices and detective work.

[A story made with your own choices]
Where to go, who to talk to, how to answer, etc., all determine how the story progresses including the hints you can collect.
Depending on how specific the hint is, the success of your reasoning of the situation is determined and can have a significant impact on the ending.
The process of trying to find out who she kissed will change each time you play.
Experience all 11 main endings and other hidden endings!

[Well-timed clicks will have different results]
Watch out for the quick time event (QTE) button appearing in the game!
Each QTE will have a different result depending on your success or failure. A different video sequence will follow depending on the results.

[Mini-games that flow with the story]
Enjoy mini-games that are relevant to the main character and the progress of the story.
The clues obtained when finishing a mini-game can be used later on and might have an impact on the hidden ending.

[You're the one I kissed last night!]
As you overcome the obstacles and complications in figuring out who you’ve kissed, put together the info you have and make a final verdict on which boy it was. Use your reasoning to prove it!

Will Yeonwoo be able to find out who she actually kissed, and will that get her to the ending she wants?
Interactive Movie: Stories and endings that are clearly reflected through choices.
Algorithm: Kissing different characters, making each play-through different.
Minigames: Colorful mini-games that are naturally integrated with the story.
Solving the mystery: All the clues collected with your clicks go into the diary! Collect achievements and lookbook pieces.
Skip Function: Skip the scenes and mini-games (from the second playthrough)!

Love Too Easily


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System Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: i5
Memory: 800 MB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050
Storage: 8 GB available space
Sound Card: Realtex


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    Love Too Easily

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