Space Robinson

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Game Introduction

Planetary hardcore action RPG

An engineer is sent to Colony 21 on a distant planet on a maintenance mission. He survives the crash of a spaceship and arrives at the abandoned colony, but is gradually confronted with a harsh environment. A battle for survival begins on a planet left behind in space.

Always new stage environments
In three vast stages, all levels are generated sequentially, so you can always play a new stage! Players who are tough enough to conquer multiple levels can refuel at the outpost and also find clues as to what happened to the colony.

Night Shift
Did you manage to survive the day? There is night life on this planet. Experience the different night modes.

Bot Assistant
You can create bots from artifacts. Start with a "cute puppy" that turns into a fierce beast as soon as a monster enters its eyes.

Crafting and Upgrading
Once you die, the colony AI will use the DNA left in the base to create an exact copy of the player. It also retains all the crystals and artifacts you have collected. Use the artifacts to repair colony units and upgrade reactors with crystals to provide energy to the base. The reconditioned units will have improved stats.



一个孤独的工程师被派往一个遥远星球上的21号殖民地执行维护任务。 他在飞船坠毁后幸存下来,来到废弃的殖民地,但逐渐面临着恶劣的环境。 一场生存之战在一个被遗弃在外太空的星球上开始。

在三个庞大的阶段中,所有的关卡都是按顺序生成的,所以你总是可以玩到一个新的阶段! 足够强悍的玩家可以征服多个关卡,在前哨站加油,还可以找到殖民地所发生的线索。

你设法熬过了这一天吗? 这个星球上有一种夜生活。 体验不同的夜间模式。

你可以从人工制品中创建机器人。 从一只 "可爱的小狗 "开始,只要有怪物进入它的眼睛,它就会变成一只凶猛的野兽。

一旦你死了,殖民地的人工智能就会使用留在基地的DNA来创造一个玩家的精确副本。 它还保留了你收集的所有水晶和文物。 使用文物来修复殖民地单位,用水晶升级反应堆,为基地提供能源。 翻新后的单位将有更好的统计资料。

Space Robinson


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System Requirements

OS: Windows 8.1/10
CPU: 2.4Ghz+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB DirectX 9 compatible video card with support for shader model 3.0
HDD: 500 MB available space


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    Space Robinson

    English, 简体中文


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