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Billionare: Bussiness Empire with Waifus Released on Johren!

Johren announced the release of Billionare: Bussiness Empire with Waifus, available on PC and Mobile version, on 14 October 2021.

Full-scale managing SLG "Billionaire: Business Empire with Waifus" is finally here!
Conquer the business empire with beauties!

▼ Super scale management simulation ▼
・ From corporation management to universe development! You can experience the comprehensive joy of full-scale management
・ The amount of money earned is measured in billions! Be a nouveau riche in great form!

▼ Play with friends in family ▼
・ If you belong to a family, you can meet like-minded riches.
・ Aim for the top family nationwide in family battles!

▼ Various events are also available ▼
・ From limited gachas to mini events, you will never get bored
・ Get rewards from being the top of the rank!

Play Billionare now!
Adult PC version
Adult Mobile version

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