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September 1, 2020 — Johren has announced the launch of free-to-play magical girl RPG Magicami on its platform today. The bishoujo-stylized title featuring 12 customizable “city pop” characters has players forge bonds, unlock skills and discover each girls’ “inner possibility” in an effort to save Shibuya from a demonic force. Magicami is one of many headliners featured on Johren.

Magicami takes place after demons from another dimension appear to wreak havoc on Shibuya and its citizens. When a black cat grants a group of twelve girls a range of mysterious powers, players take on the role of a young man tasked with leading each magical girl to victory.
Each skirmish features smooth 3D auto-battle gameplay. A flexible skill system may be used to unlock a variety of flashy movesets for each character, and fans will be able to customize each girls’ outfit however they see fit. Players can also explore the gacha for their kawaii get-ups.

Magicami is now available to play for free on Johren. Fans can expect the game to be updated on the platform daily with news and rewards.

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Magicami’s Official Trailer

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