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Mist Train Girls App Version RELEASED ON JOHREN

Johren announced the release of Mist Train Girls, available on Android devices, on 1 February 2022.

Game Synopsis
The continent of Iris Cloud was shrouded in a thick mist.
In the mist that spreads around the World Trees, which grow on the borders of each country, wicked monsters deceive and attack people.
Legend has it that meeting the guardian that slumbers at the end of the railroads spread across the continent will solve all troubles.
The five nations of Iris Cloud have succeeded in developing a magical train that can travel these railroads and through the Phantom Mist... the Mist Train.
Our protagonist, who has been appointed as the captain of the SSS (Special Steel Squad), boards the train alongside students from the military school.
To rid the world of the Mist that envelopes it, the biggest operation in history begins.

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