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Johren plans to introduce a VIP system (tentative)! Plus, a lineup of upcoming game releases!

Hello, Johren fans!
This is the Johren team.

Johren is almost two years old! Supported by fans from all over the world, the number of games we handle is increasing and our service is expanding! Have you found your favorite game?

This time, Johren would like to make an announcement to all of our fans.

Johren is introducing a "VIP System (tentative)"! Now under development!


Oh, the official character, Usa-chan, is jumping for joy!


What? You don't know what it is!?
Let us introduce a little about the VIP system for you.

The "VIP System (tentative)" is a system to present all the fans who enjoy Johren with special benefits that are either good or great for them. There are several types of VIPs, and Johren's heavier fans get more privileges than others.Oops, we can't give you any details yet, but we have a number of projects in mind that will please Johren's fans, so look forward to them.

We'll be releasing more details about the VIPs and their perks in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for announcements on Johren's SNS and on our website!

Johren Official SNS






In addition, Johren celebrates its second anniversary and introduces its lineup of upcoming game releases!

Legeclo: Legend Clover

lang : English, Traditional Chinese

対魔忍RPG (tentative)

lang : English, Traditional Chinese

Tensura: King of Monsters

lang : English, Traditional Chinese

*Information and images of the game are under development

This includes the games that all the fans have been asking for!
We're working on getting it ready for you soon, so look forward to it!

Next time, we'll show you what it takes to be a VIP!
Keep enjoying Johren!

Johren Team