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《Legeclo: Legend Clover》 Pre-Registration Start!!

A long time ago, the world was coming to an end due to the evil monster Abyss.

However, the gods who reside on the moon reincarnate "legends,"
those who have transcended the realm of man and become legends,
and seal the Abyss in the earth.

A thousand years have passed since the battle,
and the sealed continent of Abyss begins to emerge.
The crisis is about to come again.

At that time, a young man living in the remote village of Windmill,
using his father's memento, succeeded in summoning the Legend Jeanne d'Arc.

This encounter changed the young man's destiny.

-Game System
Summon the legendary heroes of beauty!
Epic fantasy SRPG!
Command the heroes who have become beautiful girls to fight together!
Easy to use and endless strategy Strategy simulation game!
One square will change the battlefield!
Just click to play, but the strategy is endless!
Assemble your favorite characters to face the evil demon abyss!
Choose between high powered characters or cute characters, it's up to you!
Experience a relaxing and truly strategic simulation game!"

-Expression-rich Character action
Individual characters with rich expressions!
All the characters appearing in the game have beautiful illustrations of high quality!
They're all adorable!
Use magic gems to summon beautiful heroes!

-Raise your affection lv to become more intimate...
Strengthen your relationship with the beautiful girls!
The colorful elements of cultivation will bring you more fun!
You can watch the drama with the beautiful girls by enhancing the relationship and improving the intimacy......?
Enjoy the plots and strategies of the beautiful girls heroes!