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Introducing Johren’s VIP System’s Ranking Method!

Hello Johren fans!
This is the Johren team.

Did you read the “Johren plans to introduce a VIP system (tentative)! Plus, a lineup of upcoming game releases!” article? Thank you for all your feedback on social media!
Today, we'd like to introduce the VIP system's ranking method! There are multiple ranks within Johren's VIP system, and using Johren's various services will raise your rank!

There are two ways that your rank is decided!

  1. Using Johren Credits in our free-to-play games.
    This applies to online PC Browser Games, Mobile Browser Games, Mobile Android Games, and Launcher Games. Using Johren Credits to pull gachas and buy items will raise your VIP rank meter. The more you use, the higher your rank will be!


  2. The price of purchased Premium Games.
    This applies to Premium Games – paid game software that you download to play. Games can be purchased via credit card or Johren Credits. No matter your method, your purchase will raise your VIP ranking meter! Keep in mind that the amount your meter will go up is determined by the game's Johren Credits price.


    When are ranks updated!?

    VIP ranks are updated every month! The amount of Johren Credits spent and the price of your purchased Premium Games determines your rank in the following month. To find out what your VIP rank might be next month, check out the ranking meter!

    Our next update will introduce each rank and the achievement conditions! We're also planning the perks of each rank, so please keep an eye out!

    We'll see you next time!
    Johren Team