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Johren VIP ranks revealed! The highest rank is “gold!” And when will it be released…?

Hello all Johren fans!
This is the Johren team.

Today, we will be introducing the different VIP ranks and the schedule from here on out!



There are eight rank levels, divided by color! Gold is the highest rank, and you’ll get a special badge for each rank from white.

The “amount of Johren Credits” is the total of the two kinds introduced previously in Introducing Johren VIP System’s Ranking Method!.

  1. Spending Johren Credits on Free-to-Play Games
  2. The price of Premium Games purchased

How much have you been playing every month?
Any idea what rank you may be?


Ranks are refreshed every month, so if you don’t use Johren as much as usual, your rank will drop the next month. But there are ways to keep your rank or reduce deranking, so stay tuned for that info!

Rank rewards

Each rank rewards you with extra bonus Johren Credits upon purchase!
Johren Credits are used to purchase in-game items, or games themselves! Whenever you get Johren Credits, the amount of bonus Credits you get rises! For the specific bonus amount, stay tuned for implementation!

For months you’ve spent a lot, your VIP rank will rise, and so will your bonus, so make sure to come back and play on Johren when you rank up!

Release schedule

You might be wondering when the VIP system will be released. Today, we’ll be announcing the release schedule!

Johren VIP release date: 11/25/2022

On that day, the very first rank refresh will happen, so get excited! The rank accumulation is planned to begin on 10/20/2022.
We’ll make another announcement when it actually begins, so sit tight!

The Johren Team