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Schooldays Story: The Ruffians

11/09/2020 11:28PM

Thank you for playing Magicami.
The game has been updated as follows.

-New event: Schooldays Story: The Ruffians (ends 11/23)
-New gacha: Fiery Shrine Girls (ends 11/20)
-New pack: Single's Day Jewel Pack (available until 11/16)
-New pack: Single's Day Pack (11/16)

The following dresses are now available.

-Ruffian Princess Lilly (UR)
-Ruffian Princess Kaori (SR)
-Ruffian Princess Hanabi (SR)

-Fiery Shrine Girl Cocoa (UR)
-Fiery Shrine Girl Akisa (SR)
-Fiery Shrine Girl Hanabi (SR)

Thank you for your continued support of Magicami!

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