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[Pre] Additional in-game rewards based on Johren VIP ranks!

Hello Johren fans.
This is the Johren team.

Thank you for your patience.
We are pleased to announce that the games eligible for the Johren VIP rank-based bonuses have been decided!

Games and bonuses for each VIP rank


Game Rank Bonuses
魔法少女I am Magicami
I am Magicami
Red Jewel×1000
傳奇四葉草 ~Legend Clover~
Legeclo: Legend Clover
Red Magic Stone×500
Gacha Ticket×3
迷霧列車少女 ~從霧之世界的車窗~
迷雾列车少女 ~从雾之世界的车窗~
Mist Train Girls
Red Mist Jewel×1000
孤兒的工作 ーORPHANS ORDERー Red 白金扭蛋券×30
天使連結 ANGELIC LINK Red 必出2★以上扭蛋券×1
Red Magic Jewels x 1000
妖怪大亂鬥 Red 靈晶石 x 1000
水果超可愛!~創生大樹與水果少女~ Red 創生石x1050
花之守護少女 Red 華霊石*1000
Versus Tales 童話戰姬 Red 星寶石*400
戰國†戀姬ONLINE ~奧宴新史~ Red 姫晶石(無償)×1000
伊甸騎士~Grenze~ Red 召喚券×5
ReBless Zwei -審判回歸-
ReBless Zwei English ver~
Red Great Summon Ticket x3

*The above bonuses are only some examples. Information about other ranks will be released around 1/25.

*Please note that the distribution of bonuses may change depending on the game.

*In-game bonus is available only once for the same game in different languages and devices.

If you're playing more than one game, or have played in the past, you get rewards for each one!

Bonuses Distribution Conditions and VIP Rank Update Schedule

The terms and conditions of the bonuses distribution are as follows

  • Eligible games must be registered in My Games as of 1/19/2023.
  • To be White or higher in VIP rank as of 1/25/2023.

    It's pretty easy.

    The VIP rank, which will be updated on 1/25, will be determined based on the number of Credits spent during the following period, so those who are aiming for a higher rank should pay attention to the period of the tally.

    Counting Period (UTC) VIP Rank Decision Day (UTC)
    2022-12-20 0:00 ~ 2023-1-19 23:59 2023-1-25

    Usa is so close to the Bronze rank! I'm going to get bonuses in that game and this game...

The first rank-based bonuses will be distributed sequentially after
1/25/2023. Check your respective in-game notices for distribution timing!

For more information about Johren VIP, including the conditions for
achieving each rank, please see the What is Johren VIP? page.

The next announcement will be made on the Johren website when the
distribution starts!

The Johren Team