Frequently Asked Questions

What is Johren Gacha?(什麼是Johren扭蛋?)

The Johren Gacha is a lottery event that is held on the Johren website or on Free-to-Play Games pages.
It will be held with game pre-registrations and events.
Rewards can be obtained by participating in the gacha.

The following information will vary each time, so please check the information for each event.

- Event period
- Contents
- Entry qualifications
- Rules of Gacha
- Details of rewards
- How to receive rewards
- Period for receiving rewards

The gacha may be canceled or postponed without prior notice.
If you have any questions about the Johren Gacha, such as rewards not being granted, please contact the website support.



* 舉辦時間
* 舉辦遊戲
* 參加資格
* 扭蛋規則
* 報酬內容
* 領取報酬的方法
* 領取報酬的期間
* 舉辦中的扭蛋有可能會在沒有預告的情況下中止或延期。


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