Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot register or use my credit card.(無法登錄或使用信用卡。)

The following possibilities exist.

- The number of times you have used your credit card has exceeded the limit.
- Your credit card has been suspended by the credit card company's security.
- Your credit card has expired.
- Temporary communication failure (including maintenance)
- Your balance is insufficient.

Please use a different credit card, or check if your credit card is valid and try the purchase procedure again. If the purchase still fails, please contact your credit card company.


- 信用卡已超過使用次數或使用限額
- 信用卡公司因安全原因停用卡片
- 信用卡已過期
- 網路問題(系統維修等)
- 餘額不足


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