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I cannot register my credit card. (無法添加信用卡資訊。)

If you are having issues registering your credit card, please check the following common issues.

Does your card support 3D Secure?

Purchases on Johren can only be made with cards that support 3D Secure.Please be aware that cards issued from credit card companies that do not support 3D Secure cannot be used to make purchases.

Has your card been registered to a 3D Secure service?

Purchases on Johren cannot be made with cards that have not been registered to 3D Secure. For more information on how to register your card to 3D Secure, please check "What is 3D Secure?

Did you input the correct information?

  • Card Number
    Please enter your card number in half-width numbers.
    *Do not enter spaces or hyphens.
  • Card Expiration Date
    Please make sure your card has not expired.
  • Security Code
    The placement of the security code varies by card. Your card's security code is the last 3 or 4 numbers printed on the back of your card. Please be aware that some card companies may print the security code on the front of the card.
If none of the above issues pertain to your particular issue, we may be unable to verify the validity of your credit card. Please contact your credit card company for further assistance.







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