Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot install or launch the Johren Launcher on Windows.(無法在 Windows 系統中安裝或啟動 Johren Launcher。)

If you are unable to install Johren Launcher or launch it after installation, please try the following method:

・Restart your computer. 
・Reinstall the Johren Launcher.
 Install the Johren Launcher directly under the C drive.
・Stop security software and resident applications.

Update Windows to the latest version.
・Change your network environment.
 If you are using Wi-Fi, please try wired LAN.

If the above does not solve your problem, please contact Johren website support.

無法安裝或安裝後無法啟動Johren Launcher時請參考並嘗試以下解決方法。

- 重啟電腦
- 重新安裝Johren Launcher:請安裝於C盤根目錄下。
- 嘗試暫停或關閉防毒軟體、後台軟體
- 更新Windows版本至最新版本
- 嘗試更改網路連接:使用WiFi的情況下更改為有線網路。


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