Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a game on your site?(如何在網站上購買遊戲?)

While logged in to your Johren account, access our Premium Games tab from the game's page. There, you'll see a selection of titles available for direct download on your PC.
Click on the game you'd like to play, then select "Purchase"
If you don't have the required Credits, you'll be brought directly to our "Credits Store" page.

請在登入 Johren 的狀態下,於遊戲頁面進入付費遊戲分頁,進入後將出現能夠直接下載到您的個人電腦的遊戲一覽。
如果帳號內有足夠購買遊戲的 Johren 點數,於此步驟即可完成購買。
若您的 Johren 點數不足,將直接移動到「Johren 點數商店」頁面。

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